You buy them today, You wear them forever.


Throughout the years I have learned that there are items worth investing your money in! They will be of use today, next year, and 10 years from now!

1-A Leather Jacket

I have purchased a Leather Jacket at the beginning of this season and rest assured: I have literally worn it every single day since then. Whether on a pair of denim, on a wool dress, or even on a cocktail dress, this Jacket always gives me an edgy look, which I adore!

I would suggest you opt for the one with zippers instead of a very classic one! Trust me you will never regret this acquisition.


2-A Pair of Leather Pants

I have been in this Industry for a while now, and not one season has passed without the presence of skinny leather pants. They usually come in black, navy, burgundy, grey or Khaki. However don’t even think twice: Go for black.

They’re super easy to wear! I wear mine during the day mostly with a cotton t-shirt, or a blazer and a pair of sneakers and for evening with a silk top and nice hight heels.


3-A pair of Skinny Navy Blue denim 

Some of you might tell me that it’s not the trend this Season, and that flared denim are back! I couldn’t agree more, but regardless, I personally can’t and won’t live without my classic J brand jeans.

Don’t get me wrong, I love flared pants, and you have seen me wearing them a lot this winter. However, I don’t find them practical to wear during the day. I like wearing sneakers and we all know that: flared pants mixed with sneakers = catastrophe. So, trust me invest in a nice pair of raw navy blue denim, they’ll come in handy!




4-A Classic Black Bag

Whether you have 1, 2 or 15, if you take good care of them, such bags will be passed on from one generation to another. You can’t go wrong in this category. I have 3 Classic black Bags. One very small cross bag, another medium sized, and a bigger one. They are the only ones that I wear on a daily basis!

For me, the above 4 items are worth investing your money in. They will be useful for years to come, and whenever they get out of trend for a season or two, they almost always make their grand entrance again!








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