For wael’s birthday I wanted to organise a day just for two of us. Not a week end away as we are often on the go and travelling, just a perfect cosy and coconing day on sunday to end up a busy week.

So here is the program of the day:

First, we will enjoy the SPA Nescens ( sauna, pool and hamam),  have an hour and half massage and then Lunch at the famous chineese restaurant who won a Michelin star.

Hammam, sauna and pool.

We started with the sauna, then the hammam and at the end the pool. We love to relax, take time for ourself and forget about everything around. Everyone should do so 🙂 .

The design is minimalist and the cabin is big. When I arrived everything was really calm, comfy and welcoming. I took off my bathrobe and I lay down on the bed.  Then, it started, warm ambience combining with a relaxation music. After all our travels for xmas and Nye festivities, my back was all tense, so the therapist start working on my muscles and focus on each tension.  When the massage was over, all my tensions disappeared and I felt lighter .



We tried the Chineese restaurant , The Tsé Fung, Michelin-starred restaurant, juste writting those few words made me craving the whole Menu !!

The Chef Franck XU successfully elevated Cantonese cuisine to haute gastronomy status. We took the “emerald menu” so we can try all the chef’s specialities , as a starters dim sum, spring rolls and my big crush red rice rolls with prawns, I have never ever tried something that tasty !!

As meals we had beef and basil, spicy Shrimps and stir-fried chicken with ginger and spring onions, the perfect combo to make ourself and mind travel with cantonese cuisine.


I highly recommend La reserve Geneva as a perfect place where to spend a day and feel away from Geneva.

We absolutely loved spending our day there and can’t wait to experience it again !


Love , So









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